Giving Passions

We recently conducted a survey of the NCF Orlando community to determine your giving passions. Over 200 of you responded and the below is the beginning of our efforts to connect you with local charities that are involved in the areas that matter to you most. Nearly all of you expressed a desire to support your local church, and we encourage you to continue to support the work of the church family you consider home.

The information listed below was developed with the assistance of Kyle Cousins, the area director of Mission Increase Orlando. Mission Increase “collaborates with givers to help Christian ministries grow and more fully achieve their God-given mission by offering teaching, coaching, consulting, and matching grants rooted in a biblical approach to fundraising – all at no cost to ministries.”

Our desire is to help you give with confidence. The different areas listed below are an aggregate of the top giving passions you listed from our survey. We list different ministries under those categories that Mission Increase has worked with to improve their organization and operations. If you don’t see a ministry or charity below that fits into one of your giving passions, please feel free to reach out to Kyle at and (616) 405-4253. He can assist you by linking you with organizations that are well-run and pursuing making an impact in their selected area of outreach.

Missions & Evangelism

Home School and Christian education advocacy in foreign nations

Christian education in China

OTEM Collective
Community development and trauma informed care for children in Africa

World Wide Village
Serving communities in Haiti

Evangelism & Discipleship

Agape Source
Ministering to international students working at Disney

Young Life Urban
Pine Hills

Canaveral Port Ministry
Ministering to cruise ship seafarers and cargo ship workers

Wholeness to Freedom
Assists people in growing in wholeness spiritually, mentally and emotionally

Right to Life

Anti-Trafficking / Anti-Slavery

Harbour Hope International
Partnering trained mentors with survivors of sex trafficking

One Purse
Skills training and Jobs for survivors of sex trafficking

Samaritan Village
Temporary housing and work opportunities for survivors

Bethany Christian Services
Supports children and families with world-class social services

SAFE in Central Florida
Funding frontline organizations.

Adoption & Foster Care

Embrace Families
Turnkey service and resources for foster care

Commission 127
Partners with churches to build support networks for foster families

Homelessness – Shelter

The Sharing Center
Meals and hygiene for the homeless

Little Birthday Angels
Serving homeless children through celebrating birthdays

Helping the disadvantaged acquire identification


Bring Your Brokenness
Helping women with eating disorders

The Inheritance House
Healing prayer

Grace Medical Home
Medical care for the uninsured

Jobs Partnership
Job skills training and mentorship

NCF Orlando Community Passions

  • Church
  • Missions
  • Evangelism
  • Spiritual Development/Discipleship
  • Right to Life
  • Anti-Slavery & Anti-Trafficking Efforts
  • Adoption & Foster Care
  • Homelessness – Shelter
  • Orphan Care
  • Giving and Generosity
  • Student Ministry