Ukraine Update

Journal excerpts from a close NCF Orlando community partner. The below update is from April 7th.

“Greetings. I am writing to ask for your help. 

We are all consumed with the relief work for and in Ukraine. The situation is desperate. I myself have gone again last week for the third time and was able to take my 79 year old dad with me as a co-pilot to take deliveries into Lviv. “I do not want to sit at home doing nothing, while the war was on,” said my dad!  

The situation is very tense; we were frequently stopped by the military and searched for guns and ammunition. All street signs are covered or plastered over, no street or town names recognizable, to confound the advancing Russian troops. The day we were there, sirens have warned us of the bombings; some 30 miles away a Ukrainian military depot was destroyed. But we had sweet fellowship with the saints of the church we brought the supplies to. The next day the supplies went on to the war front.

Our son is currently on the road to Poland delivering bullet proof body armor for the drivers we work with in Ukraine. Over the last few days these heroes were the only ones delivering medical supplies and food to the embattled cities in the East of Ukraine. Sadly, we are told over the last month 15 of them were killed while carrying out the mission. 10 pastors among them. Pease pray for the safety of those determined to serve at the highest cost. 

Tonight we are sending 5 vans with supplies, tomorrow another 2 as people are dying of hunger and lack of medicine. Whatever is delivered to Lviv, the Ukrainian pastors will take over the next 600 miles into the war zone.  

If you could bring our project “NCFO Ukraine Rapid Assistance Fund” to the attention of the NCF community in the Orlando area we would love to partner with anyone willing to step up. We have granted out $300k of the $600k so far to the greatest needs we are seeing. Funds will run out soon. This is grass roots, scalable, and zero overhead. All volunteers from among the churches.

Our efforts are showing the world that the Body of Christ stands together as hands and feet of Jesus. Red Cross and other wonderful organisations won’t go where it is not safe, understandably. But pastors will and do!

One of them has sent his family over to Poland and continues driving the supplies. His wife went to spend a couple of days with him and basically to say good bye as he is willing to pay the highest price serving. Therefore, as long as we can, we want to support those saints as they serve.”

To donate to the NCFO Ukraine Rapid Assistance Fund click here.