Discover your Giving Strategy

Pursuing God's story for your generosity

The story of your generosity happens over a lifetime …

… in small moments and big leaps of faith that propel you to adventures with God you never dreamed possible. If you envision a life that is more faithful, generous, and fully alive, that story can be yours.

We believe it starts with a Giving Strategy.


What will I pass on to future generations?

How do I foster a spirit of generosity?

Where is God calling me to give and why?

How do I make the most of what I’ve been given?


Giving can transform every major aspect of your life. At NCF, we help you create a Giving Strategy that applies a scriptural perspective to four areas of generosity.

Your biblical foundation for giving

Ready to begin?

Not quite ready to start a Giving Strategy?

Begin with our devotional on the 10 principles of biblical generosity


We’d love to talk to you about your Giving Strategy.

NCF by the numbers


team members ready to serve

Every day, our local NCF teams serve givers, advisors, charities, and churches with the expert guidance and the most innovative giving solutions available today.

NCF by the numbers

$5 billion

in complex gifts received

With an in-house team of expert attorneys, CPAs, and charitable professionals, we've received more than 2,900 complex gifts such as business interests and real estate.

NCF by the numbers

$16 billion

in grants to charities since 1982

With hearts set on getting money to charities fast, the NCF community of givers annually recommends grants at twice the rate of other major donor-advised fund providers.

NCF by the numbers


charities and churches supported

From youth ministry to homelessness, evangelism to adoption, human trafficking to disaster relief, the causes NCF givers support are as endless as the imagination.