3+ new podcasts to inspire radical generosity

For me, listening to a new podcast is like unwrapping a gift. My heart beats with anticipation and questions run through my mind: Will this be an episode that I really love or something I truly need to hear?

Recently, I’ve unwrapped some great podcasts that are not only super helpful and made of quality content, but I just love the way they make me feel. 

Storytelling is a powerful tool to inspire, encourage, teach, and learn about topics close to your heart. When it comes to biblical generosity, podcasts tell stories that help us stay up-to-the-minute on how business owners, entrepreneurs, and families approach giving and where the greatest needs are.

In no particular order, here are three new podcasts to inspire radical generosity: 

Pro tip: Listen at 2x playback speed to get through more, quicker.  

  • The Generous Business Owner: NCF Givers Alan Barnhart, Jeff Rutt, and Jeff Thomas discuss practical ways business owners can be generous and give significantly no matter the size of their business. 
  • The Finish Line Podcast: A super encouraging podcast that explores how to best steward God’s wealth. The podcast shares inspiring stories from a wide variety of perspectives (like mine!) about faith, generosity, and personal finance.
  • Ascendants: Hosted by Parker Samelson and Kate Gardner, twenty-somethings who were raised in successful families and are creating their own identities and impact. Parker, a member of NCF’s Generosity Council, and Kate talk with guests about how they navigate stewarding family legacy. These next-generation voices give me hope! 

And because you know I love a good list, here are some favorites that are always in rotation: 

  • The World and Everything In It: I listen to this version of the news with a biblical worldview every morning on my drive to work. 
  • The Faith Driven Entrepreneur: This podcast speaks into the heart of the opportunities and challenges facing all entrepreneurs. We love sharing their episodes around the office. 
  • Radical: A podcast that highlights sermons weekly from teacher, author, and pastor David Platt. 
  • The Faith & Work Podcast: Hosted by our friends at Denver Institute for Faith and Work, this one explores how our faith can shape our work.
  • Redemptification: Conversations that explore the unexpected challenges of being a believer who wants to do meaningful work and make an impact in their community.

Plus one for the adventurers: 

  • Out and Back: Conversations with athletes, travelers, and other interesting guests who have mastered the backcountry. This one has nothing to do with faith or generosity, but it sure is fun!

Have I missed your favorite podcast to inspire radical generosity? Write to tell us about it.

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