Advisor mental health and wellness hacks: A holistic perspective

The coronavirus pandemic has renewed our focus on how physical, mental, and financial health all interconnect. As client inquiries surge and advisor resources are strained, RIAs are working hard to alleviate angst and give clients the reassurance they need.

But are you giving yourself the same attention?

As advisors focus on protecting client portfolios and soothing their psyches amid unprecedented volatility and uncertainty, it can be easy for self-care to take a back seat. But with many small business owners caught in the crosshairs of the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to invest in your own mental resilience and wellness.

These simple tools can help you find some much-needed calm during trying times.

Establish intentional routines: Carve out time where you can fully disengage from work. Running a business makes it especially tricky to set boundaries, but Dr. Alden Cass, who specializes in supporting mental health in the finance industry, recommends a morning routine that doesn’t involve checking email until a designated work time. Similarly, at night, allow yourself an off switch – ideally at the same time each day. Apply the same discipline you use in your practice management to protecting personal time.

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