Does your church model generosity?

The church is the most powerful force on the planet. Filled with believers powered by the Holy Spirit, the church can – and does – accomplish supernatural things. The church can also be one of the most underutilized forces.

If we don’t harness and utilize the power of the Gospel, then millions of lives are left untouched by the love of Christ.

In Part 1 of our series, we talked about three ways generosity is not regularly explained. In Part 2, we’ll examine unique ways the church can practice – and model – generosity. If the church truly is the most powerful force in the world, then its ability to impact lives through generosity could literally change the world.

Here are six ways your church can practice generosity.

Generosity with its people

Is your church generous with how it treats its people? That’s demonstrated in a variety of ways. Recently, we’ve heard a lot about not over-programming our congregations:  attending too many meetings, events, Bible studies, fundraising opportunities, etc. A healthy church that models generosity ensures that its people have room to breathe.

Modeling generosity also means providing practical and sympathetic pastoral/congregational care. When challenges arise in our lives, does the church step in to help care for us? Does it act with sympathy and empathy? This will look different at every church, but having the attitude of generosity and care will go a long way to build healthy congregants.

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