How to help victims of Pakistan flooding now

One-third of Pakistan is under water after heavy rainfall in the southern part of the country has brought historic levels of flash-flooding and destruction. At least 1,355 people have died, and 12,722 are injured, reports the Pakistan National Disaster Management Authority.

The floods have affected 33 million lives.

The last time flooding caused an enormous crisis in Pakistan, in 2010, many American charities were on the scene to help. Now, it is a little more difficult to find charities to support there, as most Christian charities from the United States and Europe (including those feeding vulnerable children – like World Vision – were forced to leave the country in 2017 and 2018.) This week, the leader of Pakistan’s largest disaster-response charity called on the government to lift the ban on all international charities.

However, some U.S.-based organizations have already been granted access to participate in relief efforts. We’ve compiled a list of them. All of the charities on the list below are already approved to receive grants through NCF right away. If you already have a Giving Fund at NCF, log in today to recommend a grant. If you don’t have a Giving Fund, you can open one in just minutes.

This is a developing story. Charities are being added as we receive more information.

Aerial Recovery/Global Empowerment Mission

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Aerial Recovery Group and their partners at Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) have deployed to help the millions affected by the unprecedented flooding in Pakistan. The deployment team consists of trained humanitarian search and rescue professionals, medical first responders, swift water rescue experts, local Pakistani organization partners, government support, and GEM in-country representatives. While on the ground the Aerial Recovery team will provide search and rescue, first aid, and aid distribution to those affected by the storms. One hundred percent of donations will go toward the disaster relief and recovery efforts, as well as providing aid to Pakistan. 


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Americares is preparing to deliver urgently needed medicines and medical supplies to support volunteer medical teams operated by Sabawoon Welfare Foundation, a partner organization in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KPK). Americares is also planning to support the rehabilitation of 20 health facilities in the hardest-hit communities in KPK Province, install hand pumps in 12 communities that have lost access to clean water, and deliver cooking sets, mats, and tents to 500 families affected by the floods.   

Awana Pakistan

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Awana Pakistan is already working in the Sindh province with a local partner (The Assembly of God in Peshawar) to provide 200 families with kits that include food supplies, tents for temporary housing, mosquito nets, hygiene kits, and lifesaving medical supplies. The cost per family to provide these items is $225 U.S. Once this goal has been met, they are positioned to help many more.

Convoy of Hope

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Convoy of Hope is responding to the devastating and deadly flooding in Pakistan by working with their partners on the ground to provide food, shelter, and medical supplies to those affected by the high water. Convoy of Hope is doing everything possible to ease the burdens of survivors through vital international partnerships, local churches, or the direct delivery of goods. 

Direct Relief

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Direct Relief is preparing a shipment of insulin, in coordination with Life for a Child, for distribution to 10 hospitals and healthcare facilities in PakistanThe shipment from Direct Relief contains enough long-acting insulin for 3,773 children and young adults under the age of 25 living with Type 1 Diabetes. They are also helping to inform response efforts by working with the World Food Program to analyze population movements and assess where evacuations have taken place and where aid may be needed.

Global Empowerment Mission

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Global Empowerment Mission is partnering with Aerial Recovery. See their entry above, and view their page for live updates.

Global Mission Awareness

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Global Mission Awareness is helping to purchase food, shelter, clothing, and basic toiletries for families in need. Families of four will receive enough food to last at least a month. They plan to provide for a minimum of 1,000 families. For more information about the cost of doing this, please see their website.

Lifeline Children’s Services

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Lifeline partners with a Pakistani pastor and his wife who run a home for vulnerable girls. There, they provide a place to live, study, and grow in a caring environment where they are able to learn about Jesus. These partners also set up four sewing centers to help provide meaningful work for vulnerable women in the community, planted two underground churches, and are buying freedom for slaves working in brickmaking. Contributions will allow their work to continue and grow in the wake of the floods.

Samaritan’s Purse

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Samaritan’s Purse is working with local partners in Pakistan to provide emergency relief to thousands of families devastated by the widespread flooding. These partners are distributing critical supplies, such as food, water filtration kits, heavy-duty shelter material, and hygiene kits throughout the hardest-hit areas.

Save the Children

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Save the Children works in the U.S. and around the world to help communities prepare for and recover from disasters. Their teams are in the hardest-hit areas of Pakistan responding to the immediate needs of children impacted by the deadly flooding. Operating now in one of the worst affected provinces, Baluchistan, they are deploying teams to other areas to assess the immediate needs of children and families. Watch their web site for updates.

Strategic Resource Group

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The Strategic Resource Group (SRG) is a community of stewards with a shared commitment to serve and expand God’s kingdom in the Greater Middle East, including Pakistan. It is not a “ministry” as such, but rather a funder of carefully vetted Christian ministries, especially those led by national Christians and former Muslims. Trusted SRG ministry partners are on the front lines responding to the devastating floods with food, water, and hygiene kits, tarps and plastic sheeting, mosquito nets, winter kits, and more.  


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UNICEF is responding with the government and partners, helping to deliver safe drinking water, lifesaving medical supplies, therapeutic food supplies, and hygiene kits to children and families. They are also establishing temporary learning centers and supporting the protection and psychosocial wellbeing of children affected by these devastating floods.

Water Mission

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Water Mission’s disaster response team is providing funding, water-quality testing kits, three Living Water Treatment Systems (LWTS), engineering consulting, 200,000 water purification packets, 1,350 hygiene kits, and remote support to Pakistan, primarily in the Sindh province. Each LWTS system can treat and produce up to 10,000 gallons of safe water daily, enough to meet the daily water needs of up to 5,000 people or 500 families. Ten additional LWTS units are still needed and would provide the ability to scale the response to serve 5,000 more families.

World Central Kitchen

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World Central Kitchen is establishing a kitchen in the northern Swat district of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Working with partners on the ground, WCK is establishing local team cooking for families in need and continuing to monitor and support communities in need.

Top photo: courtesy of Samaritan’s Purse

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