Evacuating Afghanistan: 10+ ways you can help

In the midst of a devastating humanitarian crisis and facing an August 31 deadline, brave and compassionate rescue groups are working day and night to evacuate or relocate those most at risk and help others who are unable to escape.

In neighboring countries and in the U.S., teams are preparing quickly to welcome, resettle, and house those who have fled. The Christian humanitarian organization, World Relief, reports that as many as 70,000 refugees will be arriving in the U.S. in coming days.

In the meantime, persecution of Christians is becoming more overt. “It’s worse than you see on the news,” one ministry leader told NCF. “It’s more chaotic. It’s more violent.” 

It’s reported that people are being stopped in public, and cell phones are being searched for Bible apps. Some Christians have already been treated brutally; others are turning off phones and going into hiding.

Multiple organizations have reported that many Christian pastors have received threatening messages: “We know where you are and what you did. We are coming for you.” And two sources report that many Christians in Afghanistan expect to meet Jesus face to face in the next few weeks. The U.S., UK, and Australian governments all issued warnings for people to stay away from the airport, in advance of two explosions on Thursday between an airport gate and a nearby hotel. Evacuations will have to take other routes, and leading escapes and resettling families is treacherous and costly.

We’ve compiled this list of U.S.-based charities that are working to evacuate or resettle those leaving Afghanistan or support those who stay. All the charities on the list below are already approved to receive NCF grants right away. If you already have a Giving Fund (donor-advised fund) at NCF, log in today to recommend a grant. If you don’t have a Giving Fund, you can open one in just minutes.

This is a developing story. Charities are being added as we receive more information.

All Things Possible

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All Things Possible Ministries will stay for the long fight of trauma relief, high-risk ministry, and training and equipping for children, women, and families. The organization is working to establish where the Afghan migrants that were successfully evacuated will be housed. And they continue to work with their network to recover and rescue the remaining, trapped Americans. Trauma relief efforts will evolve into training and equipping to help refugees acclimate wherever they finally settle.

Help the Persecuted

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Help The Persecuted is working with pastors and partners to assist in the evacuation process by identifying those in need and getting them to airports and is preparing to set up safe housing and provide medical assistance once refugees arrive in surrounding locations. Once settled, they’ll work to restore and rebuild the lives of these refugees through practical support, discipleship, and trauma counseling.

Open Doors

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Afghanistan remains the second highest country on the Open Doors’ annual World Watch List of Christian persecution, and oppression there is only very slightly less than in North Korea. The risks for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan have recently increased, as random house searches are being conducted for anyone who relates to the West or with Christianity. Most Christians stay; others try to cross the border, just like everyone in the country. And as desperate refugees scatter throughout the region and beyond, workers and partners on the frontlines are giving hope and reminding secret believers of the love of God by giving unconditional support, including emergency relief.  


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As the situation in Afghanistan has continued to worsen, Radical remains in close contact with partners on the ground, some fleeing and others staying and trying to keep their families alive. Radical is working to evacuate 200 people, relocate others, and sustain hundreds more who remain in the country. When you grant for this purpose, please note “Afghan emergency response” in the “note for the charity” in your grant request. This will directly aid Afghan people – those inside the country and those fleeing to the surrounding countries. 

Reach the Rest

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As a ministry focused on equipping the indigenous church to multiply the kingdom, Reach the Rest is deeply committed to our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan. In recent years, they’ve developed a network of 65+ churches inside the country, providing training in spiritual leadership. In what “seems” like an untenable situation for the church, they continue to provide relational Paul/Barnabas vision and coaching, and physical-need support to this network. They are continuing to support extradition and evacuation efforts and provide funds for the purchase of food, medical supplies, and other essential items as directed by national leaders of the church. In Pakistan, their network is providing help and support to incoming refugees. RTR also has church-planting teams in the U.S. who are readying themselves to welcome Afghan refugees and meet their immediate needs.

Refuge International

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Refuge International partners with local churches to love refugees and immigrants, connecting them with Christians who provide training, tools, and support. Over the course of a year, refugees receive thousands of hours of help from staff and volunteers from a cross-denominational group of 30 partner churches. In this way, as many countries close to evangelism, the church opens its doors to the unreached peoples God has placed on its doorstep. They are expecting to welcome about 350 Afghan refugees.


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RUN is working toward three primary goals. The first is to rescue Orphans of War, including those who might be sold as child brides or sent for jihad. They hope to rescue 1,000 children. The second goal is to move, shelter, and provide 30-days-worth of food for 2,000 secret believer families within the country. Finally, they will provide crisis care for more than 200 families of martyrs. This includes security, food, shelter, and trauma-healing counseling.

Samaritan’s Purse

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Samaritan’s Purse was working with partners on the ground in Afghanistan early and was able to fly hundreds of people to safety, 700 in one day. They have also evacuated 80 missionary families through other routes. Their disaster assistance response team is assessing the region to determine how to help those who have fled with nothing. They will provide essential hygiene and comfort items for traumatized children. Other items will be provided after the needs are assessed.

Spirit of America

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Spirit of America is helping Afghans being evacuated by the United States. This includes frontline interpreters and other vulnerable groups (as well as their families) who risked their lives serving with U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Their team is on the ground in the Gulf region, Central Asia, and Europe, working side by side with the U.S. military and providing humanitarian aid in real time. Their emergency assistance includes food, clothes, baby formula, diapers, hygiene supplies, children’s books and toys, and smartphone chargers (to enable communications with families and access to important legal documents on their phones). They are also providing temporary housing for evacuees and funding the renovation of an Afghan refugee community center.

Strategic Resource Group

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Strategic Resource Group (SRG) is an investor-led and investor-managed partnership of high-net worth individuals, foundations, businesses, and churches committed to reaching the Greater Middle East, including Afghanistan. SRG’s Afghanistan response includes providing funding to carefully vetted ministry partners who will provide immediate crisis relief, post-crisis intervention, and long-term recovery services. Though it’s difficult, SRG is seeking to support indigenous work on the ground in Afghanistan – not just aid to those who are evacuated. Through its network, it is working to identify ministry partners who will address immediate needs, and those poised to render assistance – spiritual and humanitarian – as soon as the current crisis eases. It will also invest in ministries serving evacuated refugees in multiple host countries, and support broadcasts of hope and salvation through media partners, now and in months and years to come. Finally, SRG will help to mobilize trauma-healing initiatives for Afghan refugees. SRG is unique in that it has 170 established ministry partners in the Middle East, many led by national Christians and former Muslims. A number of these will provide direct services to Afghan refugees.

World Relief

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World Relief is helping the U.S. government resettle some of the approximately 70,000 Afghans coming into the country – some with Special Immigrant Visas after supporting our troops in their country, and others on humanitarian parole status. They are working across the country to provide and prepare apartments and basic necessities. And they’re advocating for protections of these immigrants and their families. In addition to critical financial needs to provide basic support, there will be opportunities for Churches and Christians to help by offering housing, which is expected to be a major concern.

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