Podcast: Making a real impact with real estate

In this episode of our Inside Giving podcast, you’ll hear the inspiring story of NCF givers, Jamie and Sarah Baessler.

Jamie and Sarah Baessler own Baessler Homes, a home-building business in Greeley, Colorado. Inspired by another NCF giver, Alan Barnhart, Jamie and Sarah are using their business to inspire generosity and maximize their impact. With the help of NCF, they have been able to make unique gifts of real estate and even water rights that enabled them to save taxes and give more.

Jamie explains, “Our ability to explore these different opportunities to gift these types of assets with NCF has been great. Typically if you are gifting cash, you’re gifting it after you’ve sold something. When you sell it, you recognize income, and you have to pay tax on that income. So by donating an appreciated asset, you’re effectively able to gift pre-tax and push what you would have paid in taxes into being part of your gift.”

NCF has also helped the Baesslers facilitate their corporate giving by providing administrative help, grants management, and investment management support through a special type of charitable organization called a Supporting Organization (SO). Sarah says that involving their employees in giving has been so exciting: “It gives purpose to all of us and makes a life of generosity for our company.”

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