Podcast: How “love thy neighbor” turned from a command to a business

It’s woven into the fabric of the universe God created. Relationships aren’t just good for the soul. They’re good for the bottom line too. Learn how one entrepreneur is helping Christians to change life in apartment complexes and shine a bright light for the apartment owners too.

When our friends at the Faith Driven Entrepreneur Blog learned about Apartment Life, it sounded too good to be true. The work happening in apartment complexes improves the overall financial performance of these businesses, grows their online reputation, and strengthens their resident retention rates.

With benefits like these, it’s no surprise that they’re taking off, now serving more than three million residents from coast to coast. In this episode, Pete Kelly explains just how they do it.

But improving the business starts with improving apartment life for the residents. As Pete Kelly puts his heart into what he’s doing, and those who work for him do too, lives are impacted by the gospel.

If you’re excited to hear an example of how business truly can be mission, this podcast will give you the opportunity to hear from a business leader about how his values affect his business and how everything he does serves other people. Tune in and enjoy!

Photo: Karla Alexander, Unsplash

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