Reforming retirement: a manifesto

A group of Christian leaders based in Colorado Springs is looking for a “retirement reformation.” They say retirement should be a time in life where older people should pursue not “pastime, but purpose.”

And they’re calling others to what they believe is a biblical vision of retirement with a Retirement Reformation Manifesto they hope will ignite a change in the way Christians view retirement.

“Reforming retirement requires a reframing of our thinking,” the Manifesto begins, “allowing us to shine a light into the purposeless retirement void and finding freedom from unending leisure, indulgence, and self-gratification.”

The group is led by Bruce Bruinsma, a 77-year-old entrepreneur and financial planner still active in business. Bruinsma says the Bible teaches Christians are “called to bear fruit in every season of life.” That’s why the Manifesto aims to inspire “a movement where every Christ follower is confident in God’s plan for a lifetime of faithful service and committed to helping the Body of Christ reform its understanding of retirement, then bearing fruit without measure.”

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