Seeking out those who are hurting on Mother’s Day

Mother’s day can be a day of joyful celebration for some women. For others, it is the saddest day of the year.

For this woman from Mariner’s Church in California, Mother’s Day was unbelievably painful. It reminded her of her loss, and going to church on the Sunday of Mother’s Day just made it worse. She hid in a bathroom stall and cried while everyone else worshipped and celebrated.

Later, after God had given her children, she kept going to the bathroom stall during church service on Mother’s Day. But now she wasn’t going to cry alone. She was going to seek out those who might be there hurting like she was years before. She didn’t have any answers, but she could say she understood, at least a little bit, about what someone else in her position might be going through.

Watch this inspiring video to help you remember those around you this week who might be hurting too.

View the original story on Mariners Church.
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