The benefits of benevolence buckets

Recently, I was speaking to a group of pastors when one of them shared a very simple idea that can make a big impact on a church’s generosity. He called it “benevolence buckets.”

By Todd McMichen

Here is how it works.

Once a month at the end of the worship service they place benevolence buckets on the floor by the doors. As people exit worship they are able to make an above-and-beyond contribution to the church’s benevolence fund. Prior to the service being dismissed the pastor would tell a story of how the resources were being used in the community to impact lives significantly. The stories could range from a family who was dramatically affected by the loss of job, cancer, or fire.

benevolence buckets is a simple ministry that costs the price of a just a few buckets but can have a big impact.

  1. Benevolence buckets provide the opportunity to teach once a month about above and beyond giving. People are actually giving these types of gifts all the time. Let’s not wait until a three-year capital campaign rolls around. Make above and beyond giving an ongoing practice.
  2. Benevolence buckets provide the opportunity to tell a specific story of measurable impact upon a life. While budget giving is critical to keeping the doors open, it is often perceived by the giver as less visionary and tangible. The more specific the vision the more generosity is released.
Read the full story at Generosity by Lifeway.

Photo: Jessica Johnston, Unsplash

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