The spiritual weight of our freedom

There is an old legend about the creation of the earth and all its life. Although quite removed from the biblical account of creation, the story makes a very good point: Freedom is a gift from God, and it should be valued as such.

By Reverend Mark H. Creech

The myth says that when God had created the earth, he allowed all the seeds of the earth to come before him and choose their destiny. Some wanted to become lions and tigers, and so God made the animals. Some reasoned since the earth was made up mostly of water, they wanted fins and gills to swim and live in the waters. Thus, God made the fishes. Others looked at the great expanse in the heavens and concluded there was more air than anything. Therefore, they wanted wings to fly. So God made the fowls of the air. Some preferred safety and asked God that they might always be secure by carrying their houses with them. And so God made turtles, oysters, and shellfish.

Finally, after all the seeds had spoken, one quiet little seed remained – very humble and shy – so timid that God had to pry, asking, “And what about you little fellow?” “Well,” said the seed, “I don’t really want to be like the animals, the fishes, the birds of the air, or those who live in a shell. Instead just let me be made in your image.I’ll make my own way across the frontiers. I’ll make my own boats, wings, and houses. Just make me like you, and I’ll take my chances.” And the legend goes on to say that God was exceedingly pleased, and made the seed a man – a man made after God’s own image.

Sure, this isn’t exactly the Bible’s Creation account, but it does serve to make the point that God dignified mankind by embedding within his nature the mysterious gift of freedom. Freedom is a very spiritual thing. It’s a part of our being made in the glorious image of our Maker.

Nevertheless, with the gift of liberty there also comes danger.

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