Tim Tebow on how to start chasing your calling right now

Tim Tebow has kept himself busy the last few years. The former Denver Broncos quarterback signed on with ESPN, worked as a studio analyst for the SEC Network and has been coordinating The Tim Tebow Foundation.

He has spoken to thousands of students and young leaders at Passion Conference, and has no problem publicly discussing his faith.

While he has seen a lot of outward success recently, it hasn’t always been easy for him to know exactly what his calling was. After a hard struggle in professional sports, and after being a legend in college football, Tebow had to overcome disappointment and find his identity outside of his success.

In his new book, This Is the Day: Reclaim Your Dream, Ignite Your Passion, Live Your Purpose, Tebow explains why we shouldn’t fall into the trap of putting off God’s calling on our lives, and should instead seek out our purpose today, even when it sounds risky.

RELEVANT: What was the personal thing that was going on in your life that compelled you to write about this topic?

Tim Tebow: I think there were so many things. It was four or five different instances where this really stood out to me. One of the first ones is being around so many people that would share, “One day I’m going to go on a mission trip,” “One day I’m going to start a diet,” “One day, I’m going to get right with God,” and that started to weigh on me. I started thinking, we don’t know if we’re going to have just one day. We don’t know what’s guaranteed. But we do know we have this day, so we need to start living this day as if it were our purpose, with meaning, passion and significance.

I was around a lot of young people who would say, I can’t wait when I’m old enough to do this. And I started thinking, you’re not too young. You can still do it. And old people would say the same things.

So I wanted to encourage them that life’s not about one day, it’s about this day. You can find that purpose, passion and meaning in everything you do. It might not be having the biggest platform, but you can transcend everything you do, whether it’s going to the grocery store or hanging with friends or with your family. If you can find the purpose and passion in that, I would encourage people to go after their dreams and go after what’s on their heart and not be scared about what others are going to say or of falling short.

Just take the leap of faith and go after it. Because the regret of not going after something is always so great. And whether you’re able to reach that dream or not at least you went for it, and are really striving for what’s on your heart.

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