Video: Searching for God in a coronavirus world

“If God tells us in Scripture that a particular plague or pandemic was a judgment, then we have his direct word for it. But so far as I know, we don’t have God’s direct word on COVID-19.”

So what do we do, in that case? Put simply, we dig into Scripture and begin to unpack what Jesus says.

Oxford Professor, Dr. John Lennox, joins Michael Ramsden to do just that – dig into the words of Jesus and see if we can make some sense of what is happening in our world right now.

It’s disorienting. “We’ve never been in a situation like this in any of our lifetimes,” Dr. Lennox says. Questions about our vulnerability and our mortality simmer to the surface.

“These are [questions] that have been ducked for a long time,” Lennox says. And “you can’t think of those two issues without thinking about God and eternity. Whatever else our reaction should be, we’ve got time in a lockdown situation to be able to raise the God question seriously once more.”

Lennox’s new book, Where is God in a Coronavirus World, has just released. Watch the video below, or get the book to learn more.

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