Why generosity is critical to your business success

Often, we entrepreneurs are obsessed with accumulating material things – more traffic, more customers, more money. Worse, our obsessiveness over wealth and profit is a never-ending game.

By Suhaib Mohammed

We constantly invent newer products, race to slice market share, compete to sell more and dominate the market. The process is rough. It not only drains our energy. It enrages us. It frustrates us. It exhausts our strengths and emotions. 

But there is one ritual that can help us get out of this energy-intensive, long, tough, competitive enterprise: Generosity. It’s not just about giving, this act of kindness. It’s also about the extraordinary feeling of gratification it brings to the giver, and more. [Of course, as Christians, we understand that we are called to give, that our giving glorifies God, and that we learn things when we trust him enough to give what we have away.]

But now, to help you make sense of your business’ mission and vision, here’s a short story about three reasons why being generous is critical to your business success. Let’s get right to it.

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