Podcast: Ben and Laura Harrison find a new kind of beauty

What happens when the most beautiful moment of your life turns out to be the most painful moment? What happens when your life has been dedicated to beauty – to capturing the visual beauty of the world – and it turns out that the person you most love will never be able to see that beauty?

What is on the other side of that kind of loss?

These are questions that Ben and Laura Harrison had to answer after their first child was born. And the way they answered those questions ends up being a remarkable story of redemptive entrepreneurship.

The word “redemptive” implies that something has gone missing in the world, something that has to be restored. And the Harrison’s own journey of something going missing, of losing something very precious, even as they gained someone very precious, opened up a way to bring restoration, to themselves and for others.

They founded Jonas Paul Eyewear. It’s a super simple idea that has rarely been attempted: They make great-looking glasses for kids. And the business uses proceeds to help prevent and treat childhood blindness in places in the world where that treatment is often not available.

This is a story about parenting, fashion, building a business, charity, and discovering that beauty means something very different from what we thought it meant before.

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