Episode 7: How to pivot in a pandemic: Insights for Christian business leaders

Wondering how Christian marketplace leaders and entrepreneurs are pivoting their business models during this time? Mike Sharrow, CEO of C12, shares stories about what’s happening right this moment to fuel innovation, employee care, and so much more.

Inside this episode:

  • How entrepreneurs are taking the same creativity that made them successful in business and being impactful and generous in this crisis
  • In this current environment, risk is not elective
  • Entrepreneurs are playing offense with risk in this environment
  • Business owners in Dallas saw a triple win that would help struggling local churches, restaurants, and hospital healthcare workers (see link below)
  • How businesses are re-purposing their assets to pivot and provide needed relief to support down-stream suppliers and their greater networks
  • How our greatest personal disappointments are God’s providential re-deployments where he is pivoting what no longer works, to what needs to work next
  • Some key considerations of the CARES Act for businesses

Links: C12’s Weekly Executive Briefings, 7+7+40 Triple Win

Key topics: Entrepreneurs, risk, triple win, compound/highly-leveraged impact, CARES Act

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