Video: An entrepreneur discovers a new purpose and passion

The first 30 years of his career were remarkable. An investment banker, entrepreneur, and KPMG partner …. Dale Dawson’s life was a clear success.

But what happened when Dale prayed for a new purpose?

“My passion for business accomplishment was gone, and I just felt lost,” he says. “That’s when I realized that passion is a gift from God, and I didn’t want to live without it. So, I made a deal with Jesus. I promised him that I would do whatever he gave me a passion for …”

And that’s when the true adventure began.

In God’s hands, business can be the most transformational tool in the world.

Watch this video of Dale from a recent NCF event to see how he is investing his life in Rwanda to help transform the nation into one of the safest, fastest growing countries in Africa.

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