Workplace ministry: A frontline for biblical generosity

In 2021, the U.S. market size of the Commercial Real Estate industry measured $1 trillion in revenue. When you work in an industry with those kinds of numbers, you pay close attention to the numbers in black on the balance sheet. But as a follower of Christ, it’s the words in red that drive Jack Kim.

In Matthew 28:16-20, Jesus delivers The Great Commission: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” For Jack, buying into Jesus’ mindset from the Gospel of Matthew was a personal breakthrough – and a game changer for his business

Stewarding a business by giving of first fruits

Through his company, KORE (Kingdom Oriented Real Estate), Jack encourages all his investors to commit to tithing from their profits. Not all do, but the group is growing as are the dollars. For example, in a recent Chicago office building deal, only 10 percent of the total investment pool participated in tithing. Even so, the amount tithed is producing $500,000-600,000 that goes into a donor-advised fund and is then distributed to organizations that support ministry to urban youth.

That’s a lot of ministry being funded from just one investment. Jacks says this proves to him that God is a God of abundance. All we have to do is follow his design.  

“I love Jesus’ heart for us,” Jack says. “He lays out The Great Commission in such a clear, simple way, presenting a singular direction: Go therefore and make disciples of all nations… When the world (and Satan) works hard to distract our focus, his words in red anchor us in truth.” As the body of Christ, we are to equip and send, not hoard and settle in.

Workplace ministry is the front line for biblical generosity

Equipping and sending shapes Jack’s workplace philosophy as well. Work is where we spend nearly 100,000 hours over our lifetimes. What better arena do we have for a witnessing platform, especially those of us who steward businesses God has entrusted to us? 

KORE operates in a secular space but with a kingdom identity. To Jack, ministry in the workplace starts with the first interview because it’s important that every employee understands and supports the organizational mission. Ministry is carried out through weekly prayer meetings and collaborating with investors to leverage revenue streams for maximum kingdom impact.

And rather than just renovating office buildings, KORE says they activate them by creating opportunities for community with the people who occupy their spaces. To Jack, these daily acts are chances to carry out The Great Commission.

Jack says companies, organizations, and individuals alike don’t have to overhaul their entire business structure to minister in the workplace. They can participate in impact investing or choose to be a philanthropic investment company through tithing.  “It doesn’t matter if I’m a pastor, a lawyer, a real estate broker, or an Uber driver – it’s a universal priesthood, and we are called to be missionaries for the kingdom,” Jack says. 

Stewardship means answering to an audience of One

Jack knows that when you live life as a steward and understand nothing belongs to you, that means living differently. Society tells us that we need to answer to religion, culture, or a multitude of other voices. But Jack finds freedom in answering to only one voice – the one captured in red on the pages of his Bible.

“He put enough resources on this earth in terms of water, food, people, and money. If we are all being good stewards of what we’ve been put in charge of, there should be enough,” Jack says. “Since there is a shortage, that means we’re not following the model. I don’t have it all figured out yet, but KORE is one way I’m working on it.”

Your business can be a powerful giving engine to support ministries and charities you love. Giving from a business can provide ongoing, sustainable support to the charitable organizations you care about while offering tax incentives for you, the giver. 

Reach out to your local NCF team to learn more about how you can steward your business for greater kingdom impact.

Photo courtesy of Jack Kim.

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