10 major changes in 10 years: The healthy church in 2029

In the blink of an eye, 10 years will pass. The pace of change is staggering, and there’s no reason to believe that pace will slow down. How does a church stay healthy in this culture, and what will the church look like in the future?

By Thom Ranier

Take a look at some predictions about how the church must change in order to stay healthy and thrive by 2029.

  1. There will be a high intentionality of evangelism and gospel presence. 
    We passed through the phase of programmatic evangelism without much impact. We are presently in the stage of non-intentionality, and low-conversion churches reflect that reality. Healthy churches will be highly intentional about evangelism without it being program-driven.
  2. These churches will be favored in the community. 
    Someone recently asked me if most churches had a negative reputation in their communities. I told her no, that most churches have no reputation in their communities. The healthy church in 2029 will seek see the community as a place to serve and minister, rather than a pool of prospects to increase attendance. Look also for neighborhood churches to increase the good they do in their communities.
  3. The majority of healthy churches will be multi-site, multi-venue, or multi-day. 
    They will learn the lessons of the 19th century churches that moved worship services to 11 am to accommodate the farmers in an agricultural culture. As long as we don’t compromise biblical truths, we need to reach people where they are. More people are working or unavailable on Sunday mornings.
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