5 creative ways to optimize your Giving Fund

If you’re one of the thousands of generous givers who use a Giving Fund (donor-advised fund) at NCF, you know how simple and fun it can be to support the causes and charities you love most … online, anytime, 24/7.

Besides the basics of adding money to your Fund balance and then sending grants to charities, here are five creative ways you can maximize your Fund:

  1. Automate your impact
    Instead of logging in every time you’d like to make a transaction, you can set up regular, automatic withdrawals from your bank account or credit card for gifts into your Giving Fund. You can also schedule recurring grants so that money goes to your favorite charities monthly, quarterly, or annually … even when you’re out of town or unable to log in.
  2. Grant anonymously
    Whether you’re making a single big grant to jumpstart a project or sending ongoing support to a charity, there are times when you prefer to remain nameless. Once you’ve logged into your Fund, visit the Grants page and click the anonymous checkbox. It’s a great way to keep your grantmaking private.
  3. Browse charities by cause
    Odds are, you already know the charities you’d like to support by name. But you can also go to the Search or Charities pages online to browse by cause, instead of keyword. There are now more than 30,000 charity profile pages, organized within 58 causes on our site, such as Adoption & Foster Care, Evangelism & Missions, and Human Trafficking. Then you can add charities to your favorites list and/or send them grants when you’re ready.
  4. Experience the power of non-cash giving
    If you’re like most people, almost all of your wealth is tied up in your non-cash assets like stocks, real estate, or business interests, while only a fraction is in cash. And yet, most all of your giving is coming from that tiny piece of the pie. What if you stopped writing checks and started giving from your non-cash assets instead? When you give all or a portion of your appreciated assets to NCF, you’ll likely pay significantly less in taxes, improve your personal cash flow, and send much more to your favorite causes.
  5. Leave a legacy of giving
    Your Giving Fund can be a powerful tool to help continue your generosity legacy for your favorite causes and for your family, even after you’re gone. Log in to set up a personalized succession plan so your kids and grandkids can manage your Fund over the years ahead. Also consider naming your NCF Giving Fund as the beneficiary in your will, trusts, estate, 401k, or IRA. And don’t hesitate to call our team for help exploring legacy giving options.

Log in to your Giving Fund, or fill out the form below to connect with your local NCF team today.

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