Dream of giving more? You might not need your checkbook

Does giving significantly more to the charities you love seem out of reach? We get it. And writing another check can just feel like a chore. There’s got to be a better way.

Good news – there is. With non-cash giving and a Giving Fund (donor-advised fund) at NCF, you can tap into the power of all your resources – not just cash – to save taxes and give more than you ever dreamed possible.

Cash is often the worst way to fund your giving. It’s surprising but true. Gifts of cash are after-tax dollars exchanged for a charitable deduction. But by gifting appreciated assets – such as securities, business interests, or real estate – you may enjoy a fair market value deduction and often avoid the capital gains tax. Essentially, you are giving pre-tax dollars and still getting the charitable deduction – a double benefit.

Your Giving Fund makes it easy to contribute appreciated assets, and NCF is recognized as an industry leader in handling these types of gifts. Since 1982, we’ve helped givers donate 2,600+ non-cash assets worth more than $4 billion. We pioneered these types of gifts, and our experienced team of charitable experts can help you make the most of the resources God has entrusted to you.

Learn more about how you can give stocks, or other forms of non-cash giving, or watch this video.

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