Save your cash: Give your real estate instead

About one-third of all giving happens in December, as people seek to fulfill year-end commitments or are stretching themselves to be more generous. If you prefer not to deplete your cash, then giving an asset ­– like real estate – may be a tax-efficient way for you to fund your giving goals.

Whether you own a family farm, a corporate building, or a rental home, you may be able to turn the cash flow from your valuable property into food for the hungry, research to fight a disease, training for a missionary reaching the ends of the earth, or whatever else God is calling you to support.

Considering selling?

Many real estate investors have a heart to give charitably but feel hindered by limited cash flow and growing taxation of their investments. If you are among them, you can donate interests in appreciated real estate and residential and/or commercial property to NCF. After making the gift, the income and future proceeds flow to your Giving Fund (also known as a donor-advised fund).

Because income from real estate is passive income, the taxation of this income to charity may be reduced or eliminated, resulting in more money for charity. And, in most cases, you may claim an income tax deduction for the appraised fair market value of the gift, freeing up additional cash flow for more giving.

Contact your local NCF team to explore options for giving real estate.

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