Giving and granting with recurring schedules through your Giving Fund

Using a Giving Fund gives you the ability to set up recurring gift and grant schedules that automatically provide a rhythm of support for your favorite causes.

Whatever cause you’re passionate about, a recurring schedule simplifies your giving and lets NCF take the ongoing administrative hassles off your plate.

Giving to your fund

You can schedule gifts by credit card or eCheck (from your bank account) into your fund weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

  • Log in, and go to the Give page
  • Select a gift type
  • Choose a dollar amount
  • Select a recurring option (anything other than “one time”), and select start/end dates for your new schedule
  • If you are adding a new payment method, you’ll be asked to save it as a “saved giving option” that will be used for this new recurring schedule
  • Click the blue “submit” button

Granting to charities

Setting up a recurring schedule to support each of your favorite charities enables NCF to manage these details for you.

  • Log in, and go to the Grant page
  • Select one of your favorite charities, or search to find a new one
  • Enter a dollar amount and the recurring option, and select the frequency and start/end dates of your new schedule
  • Click the blue “submit” button

Updates to existing schedules

It’s fast and easy to update, extend, or cancel your recurring gift or grant schedules anytime from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

  • Log in, and go to the Activity page
  • Navigate to the My grants tab on the left bar
  • Select “Recurring schedules” from the three options in the center of the page
  • View all your schedules, and sort by their status (active or completed)
  • To change a payment schedule, click the “edit” button and modify details, or click “cancel” to delete the schedule completely

Streamlining your giving and granting with a recurring schedule frees you to devote more time and energy to dreaming of ways you can give more than you may have thought possible to causes you care about most.

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