5 signs you need a Giving Strategy

You may have a solid strategy for your business, your career and, of course, your finances. But do you have a strategy for your giving?

A well-planned, intentional strategy for your giving can make all the difference. At NCF, we believe a Giving Strategy based on biblical principles can help you give with kingdom impact, leave a meaningful legacy, cultivate unity in your family, and maximize what you have to give.

Here are 5 signs that you may need a Giving Strategy:

1. Giving feels like more of a financial transaction
Are you missing a sense of excitement and purpose in your giving? Or as one person described it, “Writing checks to charity felt like paying the bills.” A Giving Strategy can help you discover God’s purposes for your giving, so you can rekindle the joy of generosity.

2. Your family often disagrees about money
Is there a lack of unity when it comes to how your family resources should be stewarded? Developing a Giving Strategy can help you grow closer as you create a shared vision for your wealth. An intentional plan empowers everyone in your family to be a part of the giving journey.

3. You’re concerned about what inheritance might do to your kids
Do you ever wonder what values you are passing on to your heirs? Or what your legacy will be after you’re gone? With a Giving Strategy, you can maximize your giving now, and through your estate later, so you can craft an enduring story of generosity that you can share with your children.

4. Giving sometimes feels scattered, ineffective, or overwhelming
Do you need more clarity about where God is calling you to give and why? A Giving Strategy helps you define the issues you care about and discover new causes and charities. The result is more impact and simplicity as your grantmaking strategies come into sharper focus.

5. You feel like you could be missing opportunities to give more
Do you ever wonder if you are making the most of what you’ve been given? Or if you’re missing opportunities to save taxes and give more? You can maximize your giving with both cash and non-cash assets and turn tax dollars into giving dollars with a Giving Strategy.

If any of these points resonate with you, we would love to help you explore your Giving Strategy. Learn more about NCF’s unique approach today.

May 2022 be the year that you feel more generous, faithful, and fully alive with your giving!

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