How to use your business as an engine for generosity (Casey Crawford)

Casey Crawford, founder and CEO of Movement Mortgage and former NFL player is on an unusual mission to lead a movement of change in the mortgage industry and around the world.

His company is the fastest growing mortgage business in the nation with a staff of 4,000 across 47 states. Through the Movement Foundation, the company has given away more than $25 million to charity.

Casey’s main goal is to give away a large portion of his corporate profits every year, and he relies on NCF for tax-wise solutions such as our “Give and Hold” strategy to help him achieve that.

On a national scale, Casey hopes to inspire other entrepreneurs to walk boldly in their faith and use their businesses to love and value people. He says, “Something inside of us is attracted to a loving community. People are longing for it and your business can be the place they find it.”

Photo by Movement Mortgage

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