Episode 6: Leveraging big data to activate a strategic response

Jeff Fray from Gloo in Boulder, Colorado shares about the opportunities that arose when his company’s plan to help the Barna Group with the biggest church study ever conducted was disrupted by the  COVID-19 outbreak. How they pivoted revealed just how much people long to be connected, and how much opportunity is right in front of us.

Inside this episode:

  • After the recession in 2008, two remarkable companies arose from the ashes, using technology to connect in new ways: Airbnb and Uber
  • That same opportunity for innovation is presenting itself now to churches
  • We should quit looking behind us at what we were hoping to do and look at the moment, the needs now, and what lies ahead
  • Barna Group is conducting weekly checkins with the churches around the country to report on just how the church is doing in this time
  • Gloo and Barna together have created an app, ChurchPulse, that allows churches to be regularly aware of the needs in their congregations. And right now, it’s free

Links: Barna Group, Download the ChurchPulse app, Gloo

Key topics: Tech, church, innovation

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