Advisors: Help clients plan for a more rewarding year of charitable giving

Did your clients enjoy giving to charities last year? If not, it’s time to revisit why, where and how they’re giving. As Christians, we understand that giving is a form of worship, and it should bring us joy. But there are many things that can stand in the way of that joy.

Here are some ways Wealth Management says you can help your clients can get more from their giving this year:

Review their giving

Ask clients to review their canceled checks and donation receipts to remind themselves what causes they supported last year. Then let them ask themselves why they gave. Did they give to their alma mater out of habit or attend a charity gala because they felt pressured to go? How did they feel after making these gifts? If they’re missing out on “the joy of giving,” perhaps old acquaintance should be forgot! This year, instead of giving exclusively to the same old causes and organizations, clients can focus on an issue that has real meaning for them – a situation that moves them to tears, an injustice that infuriates them, or art that delights and stirs their soul.

Set personal goals

Yes, giving helps other people. But one of the secrets to transforming your clients’ giving is to advise them to think about what they want to achieve with their giving – for themselves. Do they want to enlarge their circle of personal relationships? How about involving their family, so that they spend time together doing something positive on weekends? If they’re retired, they can even pursue philanthropy as a “second career,” leveraging their skills, life experiences and contacts for an important cause. By prioritizing their personal satisfaction with their donations, a client’s giving will be more enjoyable and sustainable.

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