Impact investing: Just a trend? Or the best strategy to help save our world?

Impact investment is capturing the growing attention of mainstream investors, and everyone is increasingly hearing and talking about it. During the past 12 months, impact investing has been increasing in popularity like never before. But what, exactly, is it?

By JP Dallmann, Forbes

There is a growing awareness and an emerging community in the UK and Europe, following on from the great work carried out in the United States so far. However, it is still visible that most times you talk to people about Impact Investing, they tend to look back asking: “Impact Investing? What is that?”

This situation is something that will start repeating itself as society discusses the future of investing, as the world evolves in order to become truly sustainable, regardless of being in the financial services business or any other business.

In the next paragraphs, you will find a few key points, definitions and examples that can help to start understanding the concept and its applicable importance in our everyday conversations, decisions and actions. The main objective is to gain an initial view, learn about some of the people and companies leading the industry, and to share it with anyone that can benefit from it.

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