Video: Proverbs 1 and the ethics of investing

There is more at stake in investing than the risk of losing our money. There is also the risk of losing life’s wholeness. In this video, Eventide CIO, Finny Kuruvilla, MD, PhD uses a passage from the biblical book of Proverbs to discuss the ethical dimensions of investing.

Profits that are made at the expense of others, profits that come from some activity that results in harm towards others stand in stark contrast to the biblical narrative about investing, which calls us to derive our profits and livelihood from good activities that serve others by meeting their needs.

Thousands of years ago, the author of Proverbs was making a very simple, but very profound, statement: We need to be careful to not join into these schemes that are hatched by people that are about ill-gotten gain, or bad profits, where there may be some kind of a common purse. As wise sons and daughters of the King, we seek to avoid these schemes of bad profit in favor of the opportunities for good profit.

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