Video: Todd Harrison is making the world better for kids

After rescuing one of his sons from a riptide, Todd Harrison almost lost his own life too. The rescue that took place that day was supernatural and had a huge impact on how Todd and his wife, Carol, see the world.

The Harrisons saw the near-drowning as a metaphor. “I saw that all humanity is in desperate need of rescue. As Christians, we can bring the hope of the gospel,” Todd says.

“My love for kids and the idea of rescue solidified that day. Now I’m able to live that out through our Better for Kids ministry.” He put this new commitment and solidified sense of purpose almost immediately into action.

Through NCF’s charitable shareholder strategy, Todd uses his business to fund his ministry. His generosity is evident in his community, but it is also impacting the world for the good of young children. Watch for yourself to see Todd’s incredible story of rescue and the impact it has had.

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