Video: A new impact investing opportunity

If you’re interested in impact investing, now there’s a new way to do it straight from your Giving Fund through the Sovereign’s Capital (Fund III) pool. This collaborative pool enables you to recommend investments to innovative, Christian-led companies that prove transformation happens in the marketplace and that capital equals influence.

You want to steward your wealth well. And so do the creators of Sovereign’s Capital, Henry Kaestner and Luke Roush. Sovereign’s investments are guided by a unique set of principles that led Henry and Luke to consider: How is this different from the way the world approaches money? What are the kinds of things we need discernment for as Christian investors? What investments should we pursue that will impact the kingdom?

Henry and Luke focus on companies where they can see both a financial and spiritual return. Luke explains, “For Christian-led companies, these things should go hand-in-hand, because biblical values and biblical principles show up in how a Christian leader cares for employees and customers. And these accrue to the benefit of spiritually healthy employees and strong long-term business.” As they have observed, this thriving ecosystem often produces both financial and spiritual return.

Read more about NCF’s impact investing pool with Sovereign’s Capital.

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