Why do we love The Bible Project’s newest release?

Imagine your friend invites you to a party. You arrive, and there are lots of people, decorations, food, and drink. You don’t have to worry about your needs. You can just enjoy yourself, because the host has everything covered.

This is the picture of the world that we find in the Bible. Creation is an expression of God’s generous love. God is the host, and the humans are his guests in a world of opportunity and abundance. And we are called to keep the party going, to spread his goodness.

This is a beautiful picture, but it’s not how people experience the world. Instead, we find scarcity and struggle, not abundance. This is the same world in which Jesus grew up. Yet, he was able to talk about birds and flowers and their beauty and abundance.

Jesus knew that sometimes things don’t work out. He experienced poverty firsthand. But he also knew that scarcity isn’t due to a lack of resources. There is another problem.

Watch the video to learn more and find out why we love this new project!

To watch more videos from The Bible Project, check out their Youtube channel.

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