Why investing is a spiritual act

Matt Bell, of Sound Mind Investing (SMI) was recently in Dallas for the  Christian Stewardship Network (CSN) Forum, a gathering for stewardship pastors and directors, which provides opportunities for those wanting to learn about creating and leading a church-based stewardship ministry.

Matt Bell, Sound Mind Investing

SMI sponsored the Forum, and introduced its new study for churches, Multiply, which helps church members to understand the principles of wise investing.

We created Multiply partly to fill a void. It’s been our sense that there are no small group or church workshop resources that focus exclusively on investing. Taking part in this Forum only confirmed that sense. It also gave me a deeper appreciation for what an issue that is.

To the person in the pew, it would be easy to get the impression that stewardship is mostly about giving or getting out of debt. But people who work in full-time stewardship ministry will tell you they’d love to be fostering a more holistic approach to stewardship. I like the way Dan Schilling, president and CEO of Compass – Finances God’s Way, prefers to talk about “financial discipleship” than “stewardship.”

To be sure, financial discipleship is about so much more than how much a person gives or whether they have debt. Jesus described money as no less than His chief rival for our heart (Matthew 6:24)!

Read the full story at Sound Mind Investing. 
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