Would you invest in preventing childhood blindness?

Max is a bright, playful 3-year-old who doesn’t realize that his vision is impaired by his amblyopia (commonly known as “lazy eye”). Why? His symptoms aren’t visible yet. To Max, his vision is “normal.” But his condition won’t go away on its own, and it must be treated when he is young. If left undetected, his vision loss will become permanent by the time he’s in middle school.

So how can you be part of a life-changing solution to prevent Max, and other children like him, from going blind?

At NCF, you can recommend an impact investment from your fund into NCF’s Sovereign’s Capital (Fund III) pool, which invests in companies like GoCheck, creator of GoCheck Kids. GoCheck Kids is an advanced app which detects vision impairments in pre-verbal children. The app is now successfully being used by more than 6,000 pediatricians around the world, who have screened close to 1 million children. Screenings have detected 55,000 cases of amblyopia which have been proactively treated.

GoCheck is just one of the groundbreaking companies included in NCF’s Sovereign’s Capital’s (Fund III) portfolio, with potential to produce both positive spiritual and financial returns – for your fund and for God’s work around the world. GoCheck’s CEO, Kevon Saber, says his Christian faith drives both his desire to serve children and his organization’s internal culture. “My prayer is that God enables us to be transformational for patients and my team,” says Kevon. “Our company’s operating principles are based on what the Scriptures say about humanity and the teammates he’s given me to serve. I pray our culture will encourage our team to flourish and enable our organization to prosper.”

Connect with your nearest NCF team today, and learn how your fund can invest in companies like GoCheck through NCF’s Sovereign’s Capital (Fund III) impact pool.

* Opportunity available through February/March 2020

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