5 Things you can Give Instead of Cash

If you’re like many of the generous givers we serve, the pandemic may have changed life in ways that you never anticipated … for better or worse. At home, at work, and at church, you probably have been forced to pivot how you do certain things. But have you considered that it might be time to pivot how you give as well?

For example, if you have been writing checks to charity, you could be missing out on some of the greatest opportunities you have to make a significant impact with your generosity, especially now when it’s needed most.

By shifting your giving from your checkbook to your balance sheet, you may be able to save taxes, improve cash flow, and give much more that you ever imagined. So, what can you give instead of cash? Here are five things you may want to consider: Learn the 5 ways here https://www.ncfgiving.com/stories/5-things-you-can-give-instead-of-cash/

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