How We Serve Advisors

We are here to assist advisors to encourage and educate their clients regarding generosity, and to grow their practice in a more holistic approach to wealth planning and management. In doing so you will provide more value to your clients, have a greater purpose in your practice, and create a work culture and organization that has a greater charitable focus.

Our team will work with you to develop materials around advantages regarding generosity for presentations with clients and in meetings with potential clients.

We will assist you and your clients to understand various options for gift planning around:

  • NCF Giving Fund (Donor Advised Fund) – make donations into the fund, invest the balance (advisors can still manage above a certain amount), and easily recommend grants to their favorite charities.
  • Asset Donation (Non-Cash Giving) – this could be any combination of appreciated securities, real estate, business interests, or personal property (like copyrights, patents, intellectual property or royalties).
  • Lunch and Learn Presentations – we can share the latest giving strategies and charitable opportunities with your clients or if for advisors, you can earn CFP or CKA credit.
  • Journeys of Generosity (JOGs) – you can host (and we will facilitate) these transformational two-day conversations around generosity in a small group setting where no solicitation is allowed (by hosts, facilitators, or attendees) before, during, or afterward.

If you would like to download our 2022 Charitable Giving Guide for Advisors, you may do so by clicking here.

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash