How We Serve Non-Profits, Ministries and Churches

We are here to assist and encourage churches, ministries, and non-profits to educate and increase stewardship opportunities, strengthen those organizations’ relationships with their donors, and increase the generous giving of donors.

Assisting with donors – we will meet with your key leaders, staff, and stakeholders to assist with presentation resources to use in meetings or workshops. We are also available to accompany you as you meet with any family, business owner, or donor.

We work in the generosity space and can bring industry knowledge and giving options around:

  • Donor-Advised Funds (NCF Giving Fund) – arguably the most powerful and convenient giving tool in philanthropy.
  • Non-Cash giving – asset-based giving education on how to donate publicly traded stock, real estate, business interests, and more.
  • Lunch and Learn – host events, seminars, or workshops where we can introduce the latest giving strategies and charitable opportunities.
  • Journeys of Generosity (JOG) – a fun and often transformational 2-day small gathering with stories, conversations, and questions about what it means to be truly generous (no solicitations allowed).

You can download our Major Gifts Guide for Charities now by clicking here.

Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash