Christian survivor describes horror of North Korean prison

A Christian survivor of a North Korean prison camp has described the horrific torture she endured for her faith and how God stayed with her through the brutality.

In an interview with persecution watchdog group Open Doors, a woman identified only as “Prisoner 42” shared how she became a Christian after fleeing to China in the midst of North Korea’s great famine. In China, she was captured and sent to a North Korean prison camp, where she spent one year in solitary confinement.

When she arrived at the prison camp, guards shaved her head and stripped her down to nothing. Each morning when they would call for her, she would crawl out of a door flap – typically used for dogs or cats – and keep her head bowed low because she was not allowed to make eye contact with the guards.

She recalled how, for an hour, guards would ask her the same questions: “Why were you in China? Who did you meet? Did you go to church? Did you have a Bible? Did you meet any South Koreans? Are you a Christian?”

To stay alive, she was forced to lie: “Am I a Christian? Yes. I love Jesus. But I deny it. If I admit that I was helped by Chinese Christians, I will be killed, either quickly or slowly,” she said. “They will murder me in this North Korean prison. Every day, I’m beaten and kicked – it hurts the most when they hit my ears. My ears ring for hours, sometimes days.”

Read the full story at Christian Today. 
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