The biggest challenge to reaching Generation Z

A major obstacle in reaching Generation Z, the rising generation that is entering college, is the “confusion” and “lack of confidence” on moral and religious issues, according to an apologist who specializes in student outreach.

Jonathan Morrow, director of Cultural Engagement and Immersion at Impact 360 Institute, is an expert in training high school and college students in Christian apologetics and worldview.

In a recent interview with Mikel Del Rosario on the Dallas Theological Seminary podcast “The Table,” Morrow was asked what he considered to be a the biggest challenge when talking with Gen Z students about faith and moral issues.

Morrow responded that “confusion” is a pervasive problem, citing his experience working with the Barna Group and surveying young people about religion and morality.

“The world that they’ve inherited has essentially told them, ‘Hey, real truth doesn’t exist on questions of morality and spirituality.’ So they don’t want to be judgmental. They don’t want to impose on anybody. And they’ve been raised as a generation that’s kind of been taught to believe that how I feel determines what’s real. And that is kind of a default.”

Read the full story at The Christian Post. 
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