How philanthropy and social giving are evolving (right in front of our eyes)

You’ve probably noticed a new feature on Facebook during the last year. Instead of just being informed when it’s someone’s birthday, you may now be getting invitations to donate to a charitable cause on their behalf.

By Tom Popomaronis, Inc.

The first time the option appeared, it probably seemed ingenious to many people–myself included. By the twentieth time, it might have gotten frustrating for some. After all, most people can’t afford to make a donation every time someone they know has a birthday, and there’s the potential for it to leave you feeling a little guilty. This, however, is really symbolic of something deeper and more interesting.

It’s the evolution of social giving, and it’s being driven by technology. Facebook’s donation platform is one example.

Another obvious one is the fundraising website GoFundMe and its numerous counterparts. Some people aren’t convinced of the social utility in these platforms. It’s certainly true that there are wrinkles to be ironed out, but that’s how things evolve. In the meantime, we can appreciate that it’s easier than ever before for people and communities in need to reach out and get help.

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