Lilly school opens fundraising research site to public

Neighbors often have car envy, lawn envy, patio envy and even child achievement envy. Leaders at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy want to add philanthropy envy to that list.

They hope their new site will pump up donations and research about the process of giving.

The school recently launched Generosity For Life, an interactive platform and resource on charitable giving, which allows a multifaceted look at American families’ generosity over time. The website visualizes and analyzes data from the school’s Philanthropy Panel Study (PPS), which tracks more than 9,000 individuals’ and families’ giving, volunteering, and factors that influence those practices (e.g., employment, health, marital status) throughout their lives.

The PPS is an ongoing longitudinal study of philanthropic behaviors and attitudes. Following the same individuals and families throughout their lives, PPS tracks giving, volunteering, and factors that influence philanthropic practices across generations. As the leading and most accurate resource for measuring generational giving and volunteering in the United States, the PPS creates a database of knowledge that inspires change.

Read the full story at The Nonprofit Times. 
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