Patricia Heaton shares story of Rwandan family who found peace through tragedy

Actress Patricia Heaton’s life has forever changed after taking a trip to Rwanda and hearing people’s stories. Entertainment Tonight followed the actress and World Vision workers to see an incredible work of restoration being accomplished in that country, much of which is being carried out by women of unimaginable strength.

The actress partnered with World Vision to visit the African country as part of World Vision’s Strong Women, Strong World campaign, and not only did she help them obtain access to clean water, but she also listened to their inspiring stories of how people overcame tragedy.

During her visit, Heaton met with two Rwandan families whose lives were shaken by what happened in their country. Andrew Birasa and Callixte Karemangingo were childhood friends, but in April 1994, when Rwanda erupted into violence, neighbor turned on neighbor, family turned on family, and love turned to hate. The genocide turned these two friends into enemies.

“Callixte was part of a group that murdered Andrew’s wife’s family,” Heaton explained in ET’s video of her recent trip. “Callixte went to prison afterwards for 13 years.”

But the story doesn’t end there. It picks up with Andrew and Callixte’s strong wives, Madrine and Marcella, who exemplify the Strong Women, Strong World motto.

Watch the video at ET Online. 
Read the full story of reconciliation work in Rwanda at
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