Philanthropy against a millennial and Gen Z backdrop

Much has been written about the differences between Millennials/Generation Z and previous generations. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware of how these two rising generations are changing the workplace as we know it.

What isn’t commonly discussed is how they are changing the landscape of philanthropy as well.

What makes Millennials and Gen Z so different?

There’s not any one thing that shaped Millennials and Gen Z into a very different group of people from their parents and grandparents. The technology, the timing of the recession, and the general environment in which they grew up has helped to create their distinctly different philanthropic style.

1. Their interests

Because of technology and globalization, Millennials and Gen Z have grown up more connected to our world as a whole than any other generation. The age of the Internet and instant communication means that Millennials and Gen Z are much more aware of current events and the challenges facing our globe. It also means they have more fear about the future than previous generations.

This connectivity and knowledge has created two generations that tend to be more choosy about the causes they invest in. Millennials and Gen Z want to know that the charities they give to are tackling the biggest challenges facing our world today.

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