Why the Kongs chose NCF’s impact investment pool

When Harmon Kong logged into his NCF Cornerstone Fund last fall, he was intrigued by an announcement he saw regarding the opportunity to invest his charitable dollars for greater impact through the Sovereign’s Capital (Fund III) impact pool. The investment opportunity caught his eye … Why?

Over the past few years, Harmon’s thoughts about how to best provide financial support for Christ-centered causes had been shaken up by the idea of impact investing.

Harmon explains, “For many years, my wife, Lea, and I have set aside our charitable giving funds to causes and organizations we care about. The challenge is, as we gave money away, we learned our list of causes and organizations grew as did the amounts of funds needed to have meaningful impact. We also learned that the more successful the organization, the more funds were needed to sustain and accomplish their mission. As organizations are successful, they become more and more dependent on fundraising. That’s where impact investing comes in, so I was interested in the opportunity that NCF had to offer.”

As a professional advisor and co-founder of Apriem Advisors, in Irvine, California, Harmon felt it was important to do his due diligence, so he researched Sovereign’s Capital. “I was impressed with Sovereign’s portfolio, track record, and most importantly, I recognized that their managing partners, Henry Kaestner and Luke Roush, had the same motivation we did – to see the Kingdom of God expand exponentially – and leveraging faith-driven entrepreneurs and businesses is the best way to have lasting impact.”

With the Sovereign’s Capital (Fund III) impact pool at NCF, you can make an investment that sustains itself.

After their research, Harmon and Lea decided to make a significant investment allocation into the Sovereign’s Capital (Fund III) impact pool at NCF. “As Christians, we’d really like to see a triple bottom line: not only financial and social return, but also a spiritual return,” says Harmon. “It’s a more sustainable model than traditional giving. Of course, Lea and I will continue to do both but we see impact investing as the future of charity. We love that NCF has given us a way to invest in companies that serve the world for Christ – meeting physical, financial, emotional, social, and spiritual needs – while making money for investors.”

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this impact investment pool at NCF. The Sovereign’s Capital (Fund III) pool closes on February 7, 2020. Contact your local NCF team to get started.

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