‘Tip The Bill’ Challenge sees diners leaving 100 percent gratuity in new trend

Generosity is an underrated trait, one that doesn’t get a lot of attention on social media amidst the flurry of #spon and #ootd posts. However, change is apparently afoot, as a new hashtag is trending across Instagram and Twitter, illustrating an almost entirely philanthropic exercise.

The trend actually seems to have sprung up in March of last year. The ‘Tip the Bill Challenge’ encourages restaurant diners to leave 100 percent tips on their meals.

There are already 665 posts under the #tipthebillchallenge hashtag on Instagram, with many users praising the virtues of customer service employees in their captions.

“I used to be a server. So I know the struggles,” writes one person, whose picture shows them leaving a 100 per cent tip on a $33 meal.

“I know sometimes I don’t have enough to do it. But when I do, I should share what God allowed me to share. My waitress was so nice and she deserved it.”

Another person posted about leaving a tip of $54 after their meal, bringing their total up to $109, writing: “Serving is hard work. Heck anyone dealing with customers has a tough job. Servers usually only make a couple dollars an hour.”

Read the full story at The Independent. 
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