Contemporary philanthropy is about applying a business mind to causes

Philanthropy is no longer about the charitable donations of old. It’s about bringing the entrepreneurial spirit to professionalize altruism and equipping partners to help themselves.

The Rothschild family has done what nobody else could do, bankrolling the Suez Canal and helping establish entire countries and newly independent states.

They’ve financed many sectors for generations; built public libraries, orphanages and hospitals, homes for the elderly, education and social housing.

Besides their long-standing tradition of banking, the Rothschilds are also renowned philanthropists who use their wealth to make an impact the world over and transform their family legacy of charity into one of active philanthropy.

For the Edmond de Rothschild branch of the family, whose motto is “We don’t speculate on the future; we build it,” a business mind is essential to doing real good in the world through philanthropy. The entrepreneurial spirit brings professionality to giving and equipping partners to help themselves.

“Teaching a man to fish rather than giving him hand-outs has a far greater impact on the future generations,” commented Firoz Ladak, chief executive of the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations.

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