21 ways you can get involved with orphan care

God is an adoptive Father; so it makes sense that many Christians feel called to adopt or sponsor children. NCF has vetted hundreds of charities that work with orphans, which you can support through your Giving Fund. Here, Tony Merida from The Gospel Coalition tells us a little bit about why he and his wife adopted and 21 things you can do too.

By Tony Merida, The Gospel Coalition

Why adopt children?

Here’s how my wife and I answered that question for ourselves: Our decision should be driven by theology, not biology. It’s one’s theology, after all, that will determine one’s biography. What you believe about God will inevitably shape how you live.

And in biblical theology, we see that adoption was never God’s “plan B.” It was always “plan A.” God’s purpose has always been to adopt a people for himself. He is an adoptive Father. And the church is an adoptive family of brothers and sisters.

So the process of earthly adoption – for Christians – must be grounded in the reality of our heavenly adoption. We’ve been adopted by God, and nothing in us merited it. We can take no credit. God chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world; in love he predestined us for adoption (Ephesians 1:3-5).

This perspective should produce humility in every child of God – and transform how we go about the process of earthly adoption.

Do the Word

Humility is the undercurrent of all compassion ministry. We’re to receive with meekness the implanted word – the gospel – day after day. This is how we’re sustained and sanctified. We’re to receive the word, value the word, and do the word (James 1:22).

If we don’t “do the word,” then we call into question the extent to which we’ve internalized it.

Imagine I tell my kids to do their chores at the start of a Saturday – giving them careful instruction as to what must be done—and then I come at the end of the day asking whether they’ve done what I asked. “No, Dad, we haven’t actually done the chores,” they reply. “But look! We’ve done an in-depth study on vacuuming, mowing the lawn, and taking out the trash; we’ve even written this informative manual on it for others to read and enjoy!” What do you think I would say to them?

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